Vote Big Money Out of City Politics

Vote “Yes” on Ballot Question 1 on November 6 to get millions of dollars in big money out of city politics so politicians will finally start working for voters like you.

Since 2010, over the last two citywide elections, candidates raised $128 million, with more than half coming in big money, while only 11% came from small dollars.

Pie Chart of Current Fundraising Sources for New York City Elections

This is because the city allows big money contributions of up to $5,100 and only provides public matching funds for 55% of the small dollars raised. This leaves Mayoral candidates to raise more than a third of their money — over $3 million from the biggest donations possible.

Current Fundraising for Mayor

As a result more than half the money comes from only 5% of contributions giving those donors an outsized voice in New York City Politics.

Half the money comes from 5% of contributions

Vote "Yes" to get rid of big money in politics with three key Campaign Finance Reforms:

  • Halve the contribution limits to participating candidates to a maximum of $2,000 citywide, $1,500 borough-wide, and $1,000 for Council.
  • Match each small dollar with 8 public dollars, up from the current 6.
  • Match nearly every small dollar by giving candidates 75% of the money they need to run in public dollars, up from the current 55%.

With these reforms, candidates for city office could finally run without big money, instead relying solely on small dollars and public dollars to win.

Elected officials should owe their victory only to voters like you.

Pledge to Vote Big Money Out of New York City Politics at the Polls on November 6, 2018 between 6AM and 9PM.


Thank you for supporting the petition. We won with 1.1 million votes!