Solution for Affordable Housing: Reduce homelessness by expanding supportive housing.

Affordable Housing
Reduce homelessness by expanding supportive housing.

Mayor David Dinkins signed the historic “New York/New York Agreement” with then Governor Mario M. Cuomo to help spur the development of over 14,000 units in more than 220 supportive housing residences in the City for formerly homeless and inadequately housed people with a range of disabilities. Supportive housing is a type of affordable housing that provides on-site service to people who may need support to live independently, including formerly homeless families or individuals, people with HIV/AIDS or physical disabilities, ex-offenders, people with mental illness or with histories of substances abuse and young people aging out of foster care who are in danger of joining 220,000 thousand disconnected youth who are not in school or employed. We must expand supportive housing so that we can reduce the growing homeless population and generate an annual savings of $16,282 per person in costs relating to public services such as hospitals, shelters and incarceration.

Former New York City Public Advocate Mark Green, "Change for New York: 100 Ideas for a Better City," 2009.