Solution for Affordable Housing: Create an online affordable housing list with a simple unified application.

Affordable Housing
Create an online affordable housing list with a simple unified application.

Affordable housing information is currently managed through dozens of federal, state and city agencies each of which have their own affordable housing stock and programs. And getting into affordable housing in New York City often requires people to identify affordable housing projects, inquire into waiting lists, request individual applications, submit individual applications, then wait and wonder whether they will win the affordable housing lottery. In the new customer service oriented government proposed in the earlier Government 2.0 section, we should create a centralized affordable housing vacancy database and location aware website, so that New Yorkers can easily find affordable housing based on locations and criteria, qualify for and apply online through one application with check offs for the projects that they are interested in. Access to this website would also be made available at any of the participating agency locations through public terminals and the waiting lists would be public information, which would help stop abuses where people have skipped ahead of others. While affordable housing is currently scarce, making it easier to find options and apply would help the crisis immensely and alleviate stress for numerous New Yorkers.

Former New York City Public Advocate Mark Green, "Change for New York: 100 Ideas for a Better City", 2009.