Our Town Tapped In: Notes From the Neighborhood by Megan Finnegan Bungeroth

Our Town
Tapped In: Notes From the Neighborhood
Megan Finnegan Bungeroth


Cynical pols deliver conventional wisdom that voters don’t care about redistricting, but don’t tell that to New York City Council candidate Benjamin Kallos, reports City & State. The East Side aspirant for Council Member Jessica Lappin’s seat is holding a fundraiser next month featuring Mark Favors, the lead plaintiff in the Favors v. Cuomo lawsuit challenging the state’s method of drawing new districting lines. It’s a natural issue for Kallos, executive director of Bill Samuels’ New Roosevelt Initiative, though he acknowledged it’s anunusual draw for an event with a top ticket price of $1,000. Kallos said he’s trying to run “a substantive campaign about the issues that not only affect the district but the city as a whole.”

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