January 2013 Update

Thank you for your financial support that kept us in the lead for 2013.  We've once again outraised all of our opponents combined and could never have done it without your help.  We've made it well past the halfway point for a fully funded City Council campaign by raising almost $50,000, with only $30,000 left to raise.


Bring Back the Booths

Please sign our petition calling for the return of subway booth and their clerks on the Upper East Side.  Fox News and DNAinfo.com recently reported on the Transportation Committee of Community Board 8 Manhattan where residents called for a restoration of subway booth and their clerks which many believe has lead to malfunctioning MetroCard vending machines.  To volunteer on this project send an electronic mail to ActionatKallosForCouncil [dot] com.

Fighting for Campaign Finance Reform

Over MLK Weekend I was proud to honor his legacy as a freedom fighter by leading a teach-in and action at Money Out / Voters In as Executive Director of New Roosevelt, a sponsor along with Common Cause, Demos, Citizen Action, MoveOn, Public Citizen, SEUI 32BJ, TWU Local 100, UFT, Move to Amend and many others.  You can read more in this Sunday's Newsday.


Remembering Aaron Swartz

My heart goes out to the friends and family of Aaron Swartz. As a progressive activist fighting for transparency and accountability in government, I have seen firsthand how damaging intimidation from the opposition can be. It's saddening that instead of being celebrated for his genius, Aaron faced prosecution aiming to silence him. He will be remembered long after his untimely passing, for he has emboldened a generation to keep pushing for open access to information. If we ever expect to fulfill the ideals upon which this country was foundws, we must have a free and open government accountable to all citizens. We must pick up where Aaron left off, and continue to breathe life into the torch of progress, so that his death will not be in vain.

Nearly 50 percent of the world's population have experienced some sort of mental health issue in their lives.  Our campaign is committed to supporting improved access to mental health.  In the meantime, if you or someone you know is currently depressed and in need of help, please call 800-LIFE-NET 24/7 to speak with someone who can help.


Free eBook on Open Government

Our campaign is dedicated to transparency.  While most campaign barely have more than a donation site with a short about page we are  demonstrating our commitment with the first "open platform" where you can suggest your own solutions and vote on those of others.  But we didn't invent the idea.    

In memory of Aaron Swartz, O'Reilly Media has made its Open Government book available for free.  With materials written by Tim O'Reilly, Carl Malamud, Beth Noveck, Micah Sifry, Ellen Miller, Aaron Schwartz, and even President Barack Obama, you'll soon understand the importance of transparency and electing someone who understand the importance of an open campaign, let alone an open government.

Free PDF download from our site or download the GPDF, Mobi or ePub from the O'Reilly Media GitHub.



Upcoming Events:


Democratic Law Students

I am proud to have co-founded the New York Democratic Law Students Council, to work with law students and college students throughout New York State to protect voting rights on college campuses and around the country.  Please join us for a reception with Democratic Law School Leaders, Democratic Law Student Alumni now attorneys, and others to support the campaign. 6PM, Sunday, January 27Patton Boggs, LLP1185 Avenue of the Americas, 30th Floor(Reception is preceded by a FREE training @ 4PM)

Buy Your Tickets Online


Birthday Celebration

7PM – 9PM, Wednesday, February 6230 Fifth Avenue, Penthouse Lounge, NY, NYContributions Requested in Lieu of Gifts Buy Your Ticket Now


Labor and the 2013 Elections

Gorlick, Kravitz & Listhaus, P.C. hosts a fundraiser for firm alumnus City Council Candidate Benjamin J. Kallos Labor Law and the 2013 Elections: Organizing for the 21st CenturyFeaturing  Partner and Former NYC Deputy Comptroller Barbara S. Mehlsack 7PM, Wednesday, February, 20th, 2013Gorlick, Kravitz & Listhaus, P.C.17 State Street, 4th Floor Contribution Appreciated. All Are Welcome.  Limited Space is Available.  Please Buy Tickets or RSVP to financeatkallosforcouncil [dot] com