New York League of Conservation Voters (NYLCV)

The New York League of Conservation Voters Announces 2017 Endorsements for New York City

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Thursday, August 3, 2017

CONTACT: Jordan Levine (NYLCV) - 917-392-8965 / jlevineatnylcv [dot] org

NEW YORK -- Today NYLCV has announced its roster of endorsements in New York City for the 2017 election cycle. Each year, NYLCV develops candidate questionnaires that detail its policy priorities for fighting climate change, conserving land and water and protecting public health. This year, NYLCV received 86 questionnaires and made 36 endorsements in New York City. The screening process also included interviews of candidates by NYLCV's New York City Chapter Board, which then made recommendations. These recommendations were given final approval by NYLCV's State Board of Directors. 

Questionnaires of endorsed candidates are available on NYLCV's website, found within each candidate's profile page.

NYLCV is the only non-partisan statewide environmental organization in New York State that uses the power of endorsements to hold elected officials accountable for progress on environmental priorities. 

"Officials in Washington are responding to climate change by burying their heads in the sand so cities must fill the vacuum and lead. These candidates represent both our most dedicated allies and an exciting group of new environmental leaders who will be champions for New York City. We are confident that collectively, they can continue to implement the goals of OneNYC, conserve our clean water and open spaces and protect our public health, particularly in the most vulnerable communities," said Marcia Bystryn, President of the New York League of Conservation Voters

CountyFirst NameLast NameOffice / PositionDistrictNYC Council Scorecard Term Average

de Blasio

Mayor n/a
CitywideLetitiaJamesPublic Advocate n/a


Comptroller n/a

Diaz, Jr.

Borough President n/a


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Borough President n/a


Queens BP n/a


City Council1100


City Council2*


City Council3100


City Council4*


City Council598


City Council6100


City Council7100


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City Council9*


City Council10100


City Council11100


City Council13*


City Council15100


City Council1989


City Council2093


City Council22100

Van Bramer

City Council26100


City Council2782


City Council30100


City Council31100


City Council33100


City Council3498


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City Council3894


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City Council4783
Staten IslandDebi


City Council4980


Bill de Blasio - Mayor of New York City

Mayor de Blasio has been a fierce advocate for environmental causes. The sustainability agenda he put forth under OneNYC is carefully laid out and includes ambitious initiatives such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions 80% by 2050, sending zero waste to landfills by 2030, and having the best air quality among major U.S. cities by 2030. Mayor de Blasio has an impressive list of environmental accomplishments from his first term, and we can expect it to grow if he is re-elected.

“No one fights harder for the air we breathe, the water we drink, or our impact on climate change than the New York League of Conservation Voters,” said Mayor de Blasio. “Under the OneNYC plan, New York City will reduce carbon emissions 80% by 2050, send zero waste to landfills by 2030, and have the cleanest air of any big city in America.  Achieving these goals will make our City a global leader in sustainability and environmental justice, and I look forward to working closely with the NYLCV to make them a reality.”

Letitia James - Public Advocate

As New York City’s policy watchdog  since 2014, Letitia James has made significant strides towards improving our environment. Some of her biggest accomplishments have been taking leadership positions on important legislation and sponsoring bills. James spearheaded the advocacy effort to get the city’s pension funds to divest from fossil fuels and reinvest in green infrastructure and clean technologies, and will continue to look explore how the city can become more energy efficient in her next term.

Scott Stringer - New York City Comptroller

Elected to be the New York City Comptroller in 2013, Scott Stringer has been a shrewd manager of NYC’s financial resources and a proactive defender of our environment. Stringer launched a campaign giving shareowners the right to nominate directors at U.S. companies, known as proxy access, leading ExxonMobil to elect a climate scientist to a boardroom seat. In line with his record of environmental equity, going forward he hopes to further diversify boards to increase resolutions and bring in different perspectives.

"Protecting our local environment and combatting climate change isn't just the right choice for New York. Working together towards a greener future is the only way our City will survive and prosper", said Scott Stringer, New York City Comptroller. "The League of Conservation Voters is a phenomenal champion for our environment and I am proud to have earned their endorsement. I hope to continue to work with NYLCV to help push new and innovative ways to green our streets, reduce waste, cut our carbon footprint, deliver clean water, construct resilient shorelines, retrofit our building stock, and build a more sustainable city in all five boroughs."

Ruben Diaz Jr. - Bronx Borough President

From the time Ruben Diaz entered office in 2009, he has made large strides in advancing the environmental initiatives in his borough. Since 2009, Diaz has shown his passion for creating clean and safe open spaces, allocating over $52 million to improve and maintain Bronx parks, specifically seeing $1 million go to critical capital funding at Playground 52 in South Bronx, while also working with Bronx Youth Corps to beautify Latinos Unidos Community Garden. If re-elected, Diaz will ensure progress in pro-environment legislation, especially in his focus areas which include expanding open space and waterfront access, and implementing sustainable technology.

"The New York League of Conservation Voters has been a leader in the fight for a cleaner and greener environment for decades, and I am proud to have received their endorsement for reelection," said Ruben Diaz Jr., Bronx Borough President.

Eric Adams - Brooklyn Borough President

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams has been an instrumental partner and advocate in advancing a pro-environment agenda since being elected in 2013. He has released informative reports with environmental recommendations, created task forces to educate residents, and launched programs to encourage sustainable technology and personal habits. Building off of the expansive work he has already done, Adams would like to, among other things, create pollinator gardens in all borough schools, fully fund sustainability coordinators in schools, and add hundreds of units of affordable housing in green buildings if re-elected as Brooklyn Borough President.

Gale Brewer - Manhattan Borough President

Gale Brewer has been successful in championing for a wide range of environmental issues since she was elected as Manhattan Borough President in 2013. During her time in office, Brewer has focused her efforts to expand access to healthy and local food and spread climate change awareness. Gale Brewer will undoubtedly remain a leader and advocate for environmental conservation, and a strong voice on climate change awareness if re-elected.  

"I am honored to accept the New York League of Conservation Voter's endorsement for re-election as Manhattan Borough President.  One of my most important responsibilities is to limit the impact of climate change on New York City, especially Manhattan. If re-elected I will continue to advocate for improving recycling, composting that limits the amount of organics going to our landfills, and local sourcing of food for residents as well as city agencies. I will continue to use my land use responsibilities to ensure that new developments are designed and built as close to zero waste and as energy efficient as possible.  I thank the board and members of the NYLCV for their support and look forward to collaboration over the next four years," said Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer

Melinda Katz - Queens Borough President

Since her election in 2013, Melinda Katz has shown dedication to addressing a wide range of environmental issues. Katz has been an especially strong advocate for our parks, involved herself in the reconstruction of Little Bay Park to make it more environmentally friendly, and instructed government rooftops to be painted white. She will be a reliable advocate for furthering an agenda environmental if she is re-elected.

"It is an honor to receive the endorsement of the New York League of Conservation Voters. Queens families know all too well the consequences of failing to protect our environment where rising sea levels and longer hurricane seasons continue to threaten lives and property. Our borough has the potential to become a leader in environmental policies and I look forward to partnering with the NYLCV to get us there,” said Queens Borough President Melinda Katz

Margaret Chin - New York City Council, District 1

Margaret Chin has been consistent in her support of environmental legislation since her election in 2009. With a 100% on the NYLCV  scorecard for several years in a row, she has also been a sponsor of several important bills. If re-elected, Chin will build upon the environmental issues she has tackled such as solid waste and air quality, and will look to improve other issues as well, such as public transportation and green infrastructure.

Carlina Rivera - New York City Council, District 2 (Non-Incumbent)

As the former director of programs and services for Good Old Lower East Side, Carlina Rivera has proved her skill at organizing successful environmental programs. She understands the importance of community action to increase storm resiliency, implement green initiatives, and improve our air and water quality. If elected, Rivera will use her legislative experience to incentivize stormwater capture gardens, encourage shifts to low-emission or electric vehicles, and create educational programs about important issues such as recycling and waste management.

“I am very proud to be endorsed by the New York League of Conservation of Voters. Our community is no stranger to the dangers of climate change and rising sea levels. As we learned firsthand from Superstorm Sandy, addressing the effects of climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time. As our next Council Member for the 2nd District, I look forward to working with the NYLCV to find innovative solutions to the number of environmental issues facing our neighborhoods,” said Carlina Rivera.

Corey Johnson - New York City Council, District 3

Elected in 2013, Corey Johnson is another member of the New York City Council with a repeated 100% on our scorecard and an outstanding environmental record. He has been an advocate for public health, access to fresh food, and our parks & public spaces. In the future, Johnson is prepared to defend the environmentally friendly legislation the council has passed and continue his work on parks, protecting the waterfront from over-development, and increasing green jobs and green buildings.

"I am proud to have the endorsement of one of the country's premier environmental organizations and to have received their 100% rating every year I've been in office. NYLCV is a leader in the movement against climate change, the fight for conservation of land and water and the protection of public health. I'm proud to have partnered with them in these fights and I look forward to working hard to make New York City the most eco-friendly city on the planet," said Council Member Johnson.

Ben Kallos - New York City Council, District 5

The well-being of New Yorkers has been a top priority to Council Member Kallos since his election in 2013. He has authored, supported, and sponsored various pieces of legislation to make this priority a reality. In his next term, Kallos will be working on a bill dealing with organic waste. He would also like to see the expansion of bike share to Roosevelt Island, a part of his his district that is currently not served by this type of program.

"Our cities can help save the planet, using efficiencies of city living to lower our carbon imprints," said Council Member Ben Kallos, who has received an average score of 98 out of 100 spanning three years of the NYLCV Environmental Scorecard. "From more public transit riders to expanding bike share, reducing our waste stream, and retrofitting city skyscrapers that generate the bulk of New York City's green house gases, we as a city can do so much to do our part and lead the way. I am grateful to NYLCV for their partnership in passing laws to protect our environment and their 'seal of confidence' in all that we can do together with another four years."

Keith Powers - New York City Council, District 4 (Non-Incumbent)

Keith Powers is an engaged member of his community, serving as the District Leader for the Democratic Party of Manhattan, a member of the Village Tenants Association, and a committee chair for Community Board Six. Through his work in public service, Powers has shown his commitment to healthy local food, resiliency and recovery issues, and the preservation of open space. If elected, Powers would prioritize public transportation by completing the 2nd Avenue Subway, explore the use of traffic-free options on 14th Street, improving pedestrian and cyclist safety and infrastructure on the East Side, and expanding the use of ferries.

"I look forward to working together to find new solutions to tackle our greatest environmental challenges. We need to invest in innovative strategies to meet the City's goal of reducing greenhouse emissions 80% by 2050." said Keith Powers. "Despite the assault on environmental protections in Washington D.C., New York City must continue to be a world leader in the fight against climate change."

Helen Rosenthal - New York City Council, District 6

Helen Rosenthal has maintained a 100% score on our scorecard for the past three years in a row. Her commitment to environmental issues is evident from her record of sponsoring environmentally friendly legislation and improving constituents’ quality of life when it comes to noise pollution and driver safety. If she is re-elected, Rosenthal has plans to make solar energy a priority. She has held a series of forums which teach people what steps they can take to make their buildings solar-powered. She aims to get community centers, such as the Lincoln Park Community Center, to use solar power as well.

"I'm thrilled to receive the NYLCV endorsement. Protecting the environment and public health as well as fighting climate change are priorities of mine. It's been an honor to work with the NYLCV over the past four years on legislation critical to protecting our environment. I look forward to continuing our work together to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, invest in green infrastructure, and reduce carbon emissions by 80%, by 2050," said Council Member Helen Rosenthal

Mark Levine - New York City Council, District 7

Council Member Mark Levine has been successful in spearheading pro-environmental legislation since he was elected in 2013. As Chair of Committee on Parks and Recreation, Council Member Levine boasts a 100% pro environment voting record on the annual NYLCV Scorecard for the years of 2014 through 2016, and sponsored several pieces of environmental legislation. If re-elected, Councilman Levine will remain a strong proponent of restoring open spaces and bettering the overall environmental resiliency of New York City.

"NYLCV's endorsement is an honor I am incredibly grateful to receive," said Council Member Mark Levine. "As the Council Member representing New York's 7th District I have worked hard to make our City a greener, more environmentally friendly place, and I am proud to have partnered with the NYLCV every step of the way in those endeavors." 

Robert Rodriguez - New York City Council, District 8 (Non-Incumbent)

As a New York State Assemblyman, Robert Rodriguez has showed he is an effective legislator for furthering environmental priorities. He sponsored several pieces of legislation improving residential buildings, promoting climate change action, and requiring outer bridges to be tolled. If elected to the City Council, Rodriguez would continue his record of environmentalism by addressing quality of life and park issues, and would work on building resiliency along our waterfront.

“I am honored to have the support and endorsement of an organization dedicated to bettering our communities in a sustainable and environmentally aware way,” said Assemblyman Robert J. Rodriguez. “I have seen the effects that air pollution and lack of green space have on a community, so I know just how important it is that we continue to push for legislation that protects our great natural resources and reduces energy use. I have always been an advocate for clean energy and improved public transportation, and I am eager to work with the NY League of Conservation Voters to add a socially conscious method to the issue of protecting our environment.”

Bill Perkins - New York City Council, District 9

Since his recent election in 2017, Bill Perkins has already made impressive environmental accomplishments. In the Council, he spearheaded the successful fight for The Childhood Lead Paint Poisoning Prevention Act of 2004, which protects children from the dangerous effects of lead in their homes. Prior to that, Perkins was a New York State Senator, where he was the leader against rats infesting our streets, subways, and homes, and developed a comprehensive plan to exterminate them. If re-elected, Perkins will build upon his record by continuing to combat pollution and pests, and promoting public transportation and renewable energy.

"I thank the New York League of Conservation Voters (NYLCV) for this endorsement, and for the work they do every day to protect the air we breathe, the water we drink and the open space we enjoy. This is a major endorsement and another sign of the momentum we are feeling as we build a large and diverse grassroots campaign that is moving this campaign forward. I look forward to working with NYLCV to win this campaign, and then fighting side-by-side with them to protect public health, advance clean energy alternatives and promote a brighter future for all New Yorkers," said Council Member Bill Perkins

Ydanis Rodriguez - New York City Council, District 10

Elected in 2009, Rodriguez has been a dependable steward for our environment. As Chair of the Transportation Committee, he has been particularly proactive in working on issues of transportation and has worked tirelessly to make vehicles and means of transit more efficient. If re-elected, Rodriguez can be counted upon to further the issue of transportation and address other pressing issues such as inefficient waste management and overuse of plastic bags.

Andrew Cohen - New York City Council, District 11

Since being elected in 2013 to New York City Council, Councilman Andrew Cohen has initiated discussions of bringing environmentally sound technology and initiatives to New York City. As a member of the Committee on Parks and Recreation and the Committee on Land Use, Councilman Cohen is dedicated to allocating capital budget funds to enhance the urban green space and is also a strong supporter of the project to daylight Tibbet’s, which will eventually redirect the stream to stop it from spilling into sewers and creating a larger pollution problem as the water flows into surrounding rivers.  

"I'm thrilled to have the endorsement of the New York City League of Conversation Voters," said Council Member Andrew Cohen. "As a member of the City Council, I have always fought to make sure that parks, playgrounds, and other green spaces are getting the upkeep they need. In a city of over 8 million people, we must take the proper steps to be responsible with clean water, energy, and our outdoor spaces."

Marjorie Velazquez - New York City Council, District 13

As a campaigner and treasurer for Councilman Ritchie Torres, as well as a board member for Community Board 10, Marjorie Velazquez is strongly committed to being a steward of our environment and understands how to reach out to a community and use discretionary funds and resources to make change in a community. She is passionate about expanding the Green Infrastructure plan to provide better protection against storms, creating a program to help NYCHA residents plant their own gardens, and advocating for the 2006 Solid Waste Management plan and New York City Green Corps program.

Ritchie Torres - New York City Council, District 15

Elected to New York City Council in 2013, Richie Torres has shown a strong commitment of introducing pro-environmental legislation, and received a 100% pro environment voting record on the annual NYLCV Scorecard for the years of 2014 through 2016. Councilman Torres has sponsored legislation and has started a petition with fellow City Council members to institute stricter regulations for cleaner power plants. Councilman Torres is also a strong proponent of advocating for the preservation of open space and each year since he was elected, Torres has successfully allocated funds to the Parks Department to improve parks in his district and has sponsored legislation to expedite park renovations.

Paul Vallone - New York City Council, District 19

Elected to New York City Council in 2013, Paul Vallone has since shown dedication to amending a range of environmental concerns. Councilman Vallone has allocated funds to the NYC Parks Department in order to expand Udalls Cove Preserve and other local parks and has implemented legislation to increase the safety of open spaces. Councilman Vallone is a proud sponsor of renewable energy, exemplified with his support of a new law which requires the incorporation of B5 Bioheat into city heating system and is passionate about creating more efficient ferry routes.

"It's an honor to be endorsed by the New York League of Conservation Voters and I'm proud to have received a perfect score on their environmental scorecard," said Council Member Paul Vallone. "I look forward to continuing to support legislation and initiatives that put the environment first and work towards a sustainable future for our city."

Peter Koo - New York City Council, District 20

Since his election in 2009, Peter Koo has committed himself to cleaning up our environment. He has fought hard to protect our air and water quality, advocating for an additional CSO tank and green infrastructure in Flushing Creek and partnering with nonprofits to host anti-smoking seminars. He has also sponsored important legislation, such as “Recycling Carpeting”, which would require recycling or reusing discarded carpeting from commercial units or buildings.

"It's a true honor to have the support of the league of conservation voters. Our community faces unprecedented levels of development at the same time that we continue to grapple with the impact of industrial pollution in Flushing Bay and elsewhere. I'm proud to have been able to focus on such important issues as plastic bag pollution, remediation in the bay, and improvements to public transportation. These are goals that I share with the league of conservation voters, and I look forward to continuing our partnership in the City Council," said Council Member Peter Koo

Costa Constantinides - New York City Council, District 22

As Chair of Committee on Environmental Protection, and a diligent member of Committee on Sanitation and Solid Waste Management, Councilmen Constantinides has made notable strides in bringing a pro-environmental agenda to New York City. He created and passed a bill in 2016 which requires at least 25 electric vehicle chargers to be placed in each of the five boroughs and  co-sponsored the Environmental Justice package, which calls on the formation of an Interagency Working Group to address the problems of disproportionate pollution and emissions in low-income communities. Councilman Constantinides received a 100% pro environment voting record on the annual NYLCV Scorecard for the years of 2014 through 2016.

Jimmy Van Bramer - New York City Council, District 26

Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer received a perfect 100 on our Environmental Scorecards from 2014 to 2016. Within his district, he has invested millions of dollars in renovating and improving parks such as Hunter’s Point South Park in Long Island City. He also allocated nearly $50,000 for neighborhood improvement services including graffiti cleanup and electronics waste disposal, and added over a hundred new trash bins to combat litter.

Daneek Miller - New York City Council, District 27

Councilman Daneek Miller has worked to improve public transit options, including creating the “Freedom Ticket” which will allow city residents to use commuter rail with a free transfer to bus and subways. He helped introduce and expand the use of hybrid fuel buses, improved bus routes, and advocated for more funding for transit. Miller has also taken action to improve our water quality, sponsoring legislation to ban products containing microbeads and securing funding for infrastructure to address flooding in southeast Queens.

“I appreciate the League of Conversation Voters endorsement which recognizes our commitment and work on environmental justice in Southeast Queens,” stated Council Member I. Daneek Miller, who chairs the Council’s Committee on Civil Service and Labor. “This includes advocating for a system that ensures communities throughout the City handle their fair share of solid waste, and the NYC Green Jobs Corps training program which leads to good paying union construction jobs in sustainable industries. We also reduced congestion by making public transportation more accessible, affordable, efficient, reliable and safe for Southeast Queens commuters through the Freedom Ticket I secured for the MTA pilot in southeast Queens which will induce more residents to use commuter rail with a free transfer to bus and subways and thereby enjoy shorter commutes; it will reduce the number cars on the road.”

Elizabeth Crowley - New York City Council, District 30

As a member of the Environmental Protection committee, Crowley sponsored numerous pieces of legislation aimed at protecting the environment. She sponsored a bill that eliminated permit and filing fees for green building projects undertaken on one to four family homes, thereby incentivizing homeowners to install solar panels and green infrastructure in their homes. She also sponsored a bill requiring landlords to test apartment air quality before offering a lease for signature.

"I am proud to accept this endorsement from the New York League of Conservation Voters for my re-election to the City Council! It is essential that New Yorkers have clean drinking water and air. It is also essential that they have access to reliable transportation, healthy affordable food, and clean parks. We must continue to fight every day for a clean energy future for New York and I intend to continue that fight," said Council Member Elizabeth Crowley.

Donovan Richards - New York City Council, District 31

Since taking office in 2014, Donovan Richards has voted in favor of all NYLCV Legislative Priorities and boasts a 100% scorecard.  As Chair of the Committee on Environmental Protection, Councilman Richards has sponsored various key bills including the “Green Buildings Package”, electrical vehicle charging infrastructure bill, a bill creating solar ombudsperson within the NYC Department of Buildings, and the Child Safe Products Act. Richards has promoted legislation to create an office of solar energy, while additionally introducing legislation to reduce city government greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2030.

"I am grateful for the endorsement of the New York League of Conservation Voters and am honored by their confidence in me. I truly appreciate the positive voice of this organization and the efforts of its members. Together, we have paved the way towards a more environmentally-sound and just future," said Council Member Donovan Richards. "As a citizen, Council Member, and a New Yorker, I feel a great responsibility to fight back against the Trump Administration's egregious approach to climate policy. I am confident that our continued partnership will help grow a more healthy and resilient NYC. Moving forward, I am excited to work with like-minded groups that are equally as passionate. Now, more than ever, our city needs the hands of progressive leaders."

Stephen Levin - New York City Council, District 33

Councilman Levin was the lead sponsor on a bill to eliminate Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) from New York City schools, requiring the City to notify families and teachers about PCB contamination. He also sponsored a bill to ban the use of fracking and oil drilling waste byproducts and a bill to address environmental justice issues concerning waste transfer citing in the City. He was also the sponsor of legislation to amend the New York City building code to require energy-efficient, high-energy temporary lighting on construction sites and address building operating inefficiencies by correcting oversized heating and cooling equipment.

Antonio Reynoso - New York City Council, District 34

Since being elected to represent District 34 in the New York City Council in 2013, Antonio Reynoso has focused on issues of environmental justice and equity, introducing legislation that protects vulnerable and poor communities from suffering from the brunt of harmful practices, particularly concentrated waste dumping. Councilman Reynoso serves as Chairman of the Council’s Committee on Sanitation and Solid Waste Management and co-sponsored legislation to reduce permitted capacity at solid waste transfer stations in overburdened community districts within the City. He has allocated $5 million for renovations to Lindsay Park and Central Knoll park, and designated $500,000 for planting 300 new trees in Ridgewood every year.

"During my time at Council I have made it a priority to address the grave economic injustices facing New York families," said Council Member Antonio Reynoso, "I look forward to partnering with the League of Conservation voters to continue our fights to ensure that all New Yorkers have access to clean drinking water, fresh air, and mold free housing and am honored at their endorsement."

Rafael Espinal - New York City Council, District 37

Espinal has worked to reduce waste in the City by sponsoring legislation to require the Department of Sanitation to create and maintain a website allowing food donors to post notifications concerning the availability of food and legislation to allow the City to collect electronic waste for recycling. The Councilman has also supported the incorporation of renewable energy into the City’s grid by sponsoring a bill to require the Office of Long-Term Planning and Sustainability to issue a report on the feasibility of developing microgrids in New York City and he sponsored a bill to require that the roofs of new commercial buildings be partially covered by plants or solar panels.

Carlos Menchaca - New York City Council, District 38

Scoring a perfect 100% on the NYLCV scorecard, Councilman Carlos Menchaca was the prime sponsor of legislation placing strict limits on tourism helicopters and was a co-sponsor of a bill to create an air quality task force to make recommendations to address intermittent long-standing and chronic air pollution problems. He was a co-sponsor of a bill to ban the sale of personal care products containing microbeads, which pollute the water supply, and the co-sponsor of a bill that promulgates authority to the City to oversee activities that have the potential to contribute pollutants to stormwater runoff and bodies of water surrounding the City.

Brad Lander - New York City Council, District 39

Councilman Brad Lander has sponsored several key bills, including the “Plastic Bag Bill”, Bus “Rapid Transit for All Boroughs”, and “Park Maintenance Tracker”. Lander collaborated on the City Council’s 80 x 50 legislative package and has been a strong advocate for equal access to well-maintained parks and open space, authoring a bill which passed in 2015 requiring the Park Department to submit annual reports of park maintenance. Lander ardently supported the expansion of bike lane infrastructure, Citibike, and has stood behind Citibike and the Prospect Park West bike lane.

Justin Brannan - New York City Council, District 43

During his time with Councilman Gentile, Justin Brannan helped to bring back weekend service on the x27 and x28 busses, and rallied in support of the restoration of the B37 route. In 2013, he launched a campaign to bring ferry service back to the 69th Pier in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, organizing thousands of residents to petition City Hall and the New York City Economic Development Corporation. Brannan is now focused on securing an express ferry route to travel to and from Wall Street during morning and evening rush hours.  

“I'm proud to receive the endorsement of the New York League of Conservation Voters. As a community that was devastated by Superstorm Sandy, we have seen firsthand the impact of climate change and the critical importance of preserving our environment for future generations. As our next city council member for the 43rd district, I intend to work with the League of Conservation Voters and to implement the policies that ensure our environment is protected,” said Justin Brannan.

Mark Treyger - New York City Council, District 47

Since being elected in 2013, Mark Treyger has been a passionate advocate for introducing environmental legislation to his district. As Chairman of the Committee on Recovery and Resiliency, Councilman Treyger secured $15 million for the HUD Community Development Block Grant in an effort to install bioswales throughout Coney Island. Treyger has also co-sponsored bills to better the air quality in his district by attacking mold. He co-sponsored a bill to increase the availability of charging stations and a bill which requires the City to develop a Rapid Bus Transit plan.

"I am honored to receive the endorsement of the New York League of Conservation Voters. As the Chair of the City Council's Committee on Recovery and Resiliency, I have fought for a greener, more environmentally friendly New York City, a vision I proudly share with NYLCV and one I intend to continue to advocate for in the future," said Council Member Mark Treyger

Debi Rose - New York City Council, District 49

As Chair of the Committee on Waterfronts, Councilwoman Rose has pushed to complete the Blissenbach Marina Park project in compliance with NYLCV’s initiative to allow for every New Yorker to live within a 10 minute walk to a local park or open space. Rose has made advancing ferry efficiency in her district on of her primary policy goals. She is also passionate about creating fresher air quality in her district as she is working diligently with the Mayor’s Office and the Department of Sanitation to move the Jersey Street Sanitation out of the residential neighborhood where it is currently located.

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The New York League of Conservation Voters  (NYLCV) was founded in 1989 as a nonpartisan, policy making and political action organization that works to make environmental protection a top priority with elected officials, decision makers, and voters by evaluating incumbent performance and endorsing and electing environmental leaders to office in New York State.