Lexington Democratic Club

Founded in 1949, Lexington was the first Reform Club, serving as a model for the movement that came to dominate Democratic politics in Manhattan. The Lex Club was largely the result of the experiences of a group of young college and law school graduates who wanted to get involved in the Democratic Party, and had their eyes opened – fast – about politics at the local level.

The Lex Club did more than pave the way for the Reform Movement. It registered significant successes at the polls. In 1949 the Upper East Side was essentially a Republican fiefdom – and had been for decades. We had a Republican Congressman, a Republican State Senator, a Republican Assemblyman and a Republican City Councilman.

Today there isn’t a Republican in sight. In fact, the East Side has been Republican free since 2003.

Carolyn Maloney, a product of the Lexington Democratic Club, is in her ninth term as our Congresswoman. Council Members Dan Garodnick (District 4) and Jessica Lappin (District 5) now serve as our representatives in city government. Liz Krueger is our State Senator and Dan Quart, a long time Lex Club member, is our DemocraticAssemblymember.

Looking back The Lexington Club has every reason to be proud of its many accomplishments. It has made a large and telling contribution to Democratic politics in New York County.