Lenox Hill Democratic Club President David Menegon

There is less than two weeks before this year's primary election, and as many of you know, the Democratic Primary is the deciding election on the Upper East Side.

I care about local races. Whoever represents us in Congress, in the Assembly and on the City Council needs to be a person that understand our local problems and must be someone who can effectively work with others if we want to see any progress made. This year, there is a heated race for city council on the Upper East Side in the 5th District. I want to tell you about the candidate that I will be voting for to represent me onSeptember 10th and I want to explain why.

On Tuesday, September 10th, I will be voting for Ben Kallos to be my next City Council member.

Ben is a man of unquestioned integrity. He has spent years in public service, not building a personal power base, but strengthening coalitions that have made a real change in our state. He has worked with Bill Samuels to help guide the New Roosevelt Initiative, and organization promoting good government in our state. He has organized lawyers through the New York Democratic Lawyers Council to protect the rights of voters during our elections. Ben has even brought his substantial technology skills to bear on issues large and small, everything from building votersearch.org, a tool that allows New Yorkers to quickly and easily check their status as a voter, to helping our local Community Board have a cheaper, more functional presence on the internet.

But more importantly he is a man that I trust. Ben speaks his mind, speaks it well, and speaks it honestly. Ben is a leader that inspires those around him and is a man with the social and political skills to build the broad coalitions within the City Council that are necessary to guide our city, and represent our neighborhood. Ben is someone that I know understands New York and understands the needs of New Yorkers.

From today until September 10th, please join me in volunteering for the Kallos campaign. If you can make time to come to a phonebank, there is one at his office every day. Feel free to just drop in to 435 East 86th Street, and head down the spiral stairs. I'll be there as often as I can, and I hope to see you.

If you would like to join me in handing out Ben's literature on Election Day, I would love if you were to stand by my side. If you can make the time on September 10th, please call Ben's Campaign at (855) 252-5567, email infoatkallosforcouncil [dot] com or sign up atBen's webpage.

But even if you can't commit the time to help, please make sure to join me in voting for Ben Kallos on Tuesday, September 10th.

Thank you,

David Menegon

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