Council of School Supervisors and Administrators (CSA)

“We look forward to working with Ben Kallos to acquire the resources school leaders need to help every child get a good education.  As a loyal graduate of New York City public schools, Ben will be a highly effective advocate in City Hall,” said Ernest Logan, President of CSA.
 The Council of School Supervisors represent Principals, Assistant Principals and Education, administrators in NYC public schools, and 200 Directors and Assistant Directors who work in city-subsidized Centers for Early Childhood Education.  CSA also has 6,400 retired school supervisors in its Retiree chapter, as well as more than 3,300 of their spouses and domestic partners. Another 112 ECE retirees have joined as well.  On behalf of its members, CSA negotiates salary, benefits and working conditions related to the administration and supervision of NYC public schools.