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Technology is the great equalizer. In a world where knowledge is power, the Internet provides access to an information superhighway where anyone can learn anything from a better golf swing to a new programming language which provides them with a marketable skill and access to new jobs.

As a student at the Bronx High School of Science, having access to the Internet gave me the opportunity to found a technology consulting firm, featured in the New York Times. My firm went on to provide services to the New York Football GiantsPfizer PharmaceuticalsNorth Shore University Hospital and the State University of New York at Albany and Buffalo. After financing my education, I used these skills to found, which has recently partnered with for a global shared law, to help 12 million New Yorkers verify their voter registrations, and to put all the voting records for the New York City and State Legislators online for free.

As your City Council member I will leverage technology to make our government is transparent, accountable, and open. We will make City Hall transparent by adopting Open Government Data Principles, so that information like our laws and our budgets will be made freely available to the public to use in making government accountable with projects like Open Congress, and Project Sunlight. I will also fight to open the flood gates of knowledge by supporting our public libraries and advocating for free universal wireless so that every New York City resident has the same opportunity to learn from these valuable resources. I will also advocate for use of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) in government to save billions a year, reinvigorate New York City's technology sector, and to create new jobs in a City that once boasted "Silicon Alley."

Many of the ideas from this platform have already been partially adopted by Mayor Mike Bloomberg as part of his initiative for a "Connected City."