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If a contributor has business dealings with the City as defined in the Campaign Finance Act, such contributor may contribute only up to $250 for city council, $320 for borough president, and $400 for mayor, comptroller, or public advocate.


An individual is generally considered to be “doing business” with the City if he/she is a registered NYC lobbyist or is a principal owner, principal officer, or senior manager of an entity that has engaged in, held, applied for, or proposed on any of the following during the prior 12 months:


  • Contracts, concessions, franchises, or grants that total over $100,000 ($500,000 for construction contracts) other than emergency contracts and contracts awarded by competitive sealed bidding.
  • Economic development agreements, including payments in lieu of taxes, City tax incentives, and City financing.
  • Contracts for the investment of pension funds or related services.
  • The sale, purchase, or lease of real property with or by the City, unless by public auction or competitive sealed bid.
  • Uniform Land Use Review Procedure (ULURP) actions, or City Charter office lease or zoning change applications.

Contributions from or intermediated by individuals doing business with the City will not be matched with public funds.

For more details or to verify whether you are listed on the Doing Business Database, see


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Campaign Finance Compliance

To comply with New York City Campaign Finance Board reporting requirements, provide your employment information. If you are not employed, indicate what best describes your employment status (e.g., “homemaker”, “retired”, “student,” or “unemployed”). If self-employed, indicate employer as “self” and provide your occupation and employment address.

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