Council Candidate Releases Policy Book Focused on Transparency and Reform

New York, N.Y. –  City Council candidate Ben Kallos today released a policy book containing goals and areas of policy support in advance of the City Council Primary in Manhattan's District 5 (the Upper East Side and Roosevelt Island). The book contains a vision for a more accountable and equitable local government, as well as steps he would take in the City Council to work towards such results for District 5 and citywide.  The book focuses on fighting corruption through better information, and contains solutions for achieving government reform, improved education and more affordable housing, as well as ways to promote equal rights.  “With this book, I am putting forward a few ways that I can make a difference for New Yorkers, so they know where I stand on the major issues. I believe local government should use our best transparency tools to be more accountable to voters, and that is the kind of City Council member I hope to be,” said Kallos. “I will work hard to advocate for better education and housing we can all afford.”

The book includes proposals to:

  • Create seats in schools and expand out-of-school offerings;
  • Post city contract bids online; and 
  • Empower young women to pursue STEM careers.

 Kallos has a record of fighting corruption by putting voting records online in 2009 so voters could hold Albany legislators accountable.