Pledge to Vote to Get Big Money Out of Politics Tuesday, November 6

I pledge to turn over my ballot on Tuesday, November 6 to vote in favor of all three questions on the ballot to get big money out New York City politics:

  • Lower Contribution Limits by More than Half - lower limits citywide from $5,100 to $2,000, boroughwide from $3,950 to $1,500 and for City Council from $2,850 to $1,000.
  • Make Small Dollars More Valuable - every small dollar below $250 for citywide and $175 for all other will go from being matched with public taxpayer dollars at a rate of 6 to a rate of 8.
  • Match More Small Dollars - only a little more than half of small dollars are matched, requiring candidates to seek millions in big dollars from special interests to fill a gap that can be smaller by matching 75%.
  • Improve Community Representation - Community Board members would have term limits of 8 years, expert Urban Planners, and a standardized online application and reporting on applicants and existing members.