Solution for Transportation: Free and Easy Exchange of MetroCards After MTA Implements “Green Fee.”

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Free and Easy Exchange of MetroCards After MTA Implements “Green Fee.”


The MTA loses $13 million annually printing over 170 million MetroCards.  In an effort to reduce the financial and environmental costs of printing, the MTA plans to implement a “Green Fee.”  This year, riders will pay a one-dollar charge for printing a new MetroCard.  The MTA claims this will raise $20 million, costing riders as much as $33 million every year.  Riders will not be charged to replace expired MetroCards or refill old MetroCards.

While we agree with the goal of reducing waste, we believe this “Green Fee” unfairly penalizes those whose MetroCards become inoperable from extended use.  Therefore, we propose that riders be able to exchange their old MetroCard for a new card at any service stall, without having to mail them to MTA.  This has the effect of discouraging riders from discarding usable cards while not penalizing conscientious riders.

Barbara Pearl

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