Press Releases

June 13, 2013

Were the United States Government to begin developing all new code using a free and open source license, it would mean hundreds of billions of dollars in cost-savings for the public. The IT sector would flourish with thousands of new jobs and the improvements created by efficiency of software sharing between agencies would improve government, bringing it into the Internet age the right way.


June 5, 2013

"Fares keep going up, while service keeps going down, and that doesn't make any sense," said Ben Kallos, City Council Candidate for the Upper East Side. "We've collected over a thousand signatures on the Upper East Side as part of the Bring Back Our Booths campaign that we launched earlier this year when riders grew concerned about inaccessibility and safety after agents and booths were removed from subway stations at 77th and 86th Streets.  We’re thrilled to work with Transit Forward and TWU Local 100 to take this campaign for a better commute Citywide."


June 5, 2013


 The League of Independent Theater of New York has endorsed Ben Kallos for City Council in Manhattan's District Five, differentiating Kallos as the arts candidate for the Upper East Side and Roosevelt Island. LIT is the only 501(c) 6 independent theater advocacy group in New York City, and a key part of the local arts and culture community. Together with partners, LIT serves more than 50,000 independent performing artists.



May 29, 2013


Kallos to support slate of young democrats for county committee to achieve policy platform


May 28, 2013


New York, N.Y. – The 38,000-member Transport Workers Union Local 100 announced today its endorsement of City Council Candidate Ben Kallos in Manhattan’s District 5, spanning the Upper East Side and Roosevelt Island. The endorsement establishes Kallos as the transportation candidate on the East Side, after already receiving the backing of the Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1179, and showcases the campaign’s strong progressive support.



May 24, 2013

Roosevelt Island, N.Y. – Much of Roosevelt Island is in blackout this morning, as emergency responders from Con Edison and the 144th precinct seek to restore power. Residents seeking emergency support should call 911.

City Council candidate Ben Kallos has provided a hotline for residents to seek non-emergency assistance from his team of volunteers. Residents can call 855-2KALLOS (855-252-5567) while the blackout persists.


May 20, 2013


“Child care helps New York’s single parents escape poverty,” says Kallos.

“City-subsidized child care pays for itself.”


New York, NY – Following child care funding cuts in the Final Executive Budget affecting thousands of working families, Council Candidate Ben Kallos joined Executive Director of DC 1707 Raglan George, Jr. at the “One Man One March,” along with Mabel Everett, President of Local 205 Day Care Employees, to call on Mayor Bloomberg to restore funding to help provide for New York City’s children, single parents and families living in poverty. 


May 16, 2013

Twitterverse – A new kind of political platform has been launched by Ben Kallos, candidate for City Council on the East Side of Manhattan and Roosevelt Island. The candidate is putting his open, participatory platform on twitter to spark conversation. Between now and primary day, Kallos will tweet his 125 solutions for a better city using the hashtag #BetterCity. The #BetterCity tweets are intended to leverage the unique power of twitter to generate an exchange of ideas between elected officials, interested groups and constituents.


April 30, 2013


Kallos Campaign testifies before City Council: “Cornell NYC Tech can’t claim to be sustainable unless it supports the local infrastructure of Roosevelt Island on which it relies.”

Key points from the testimony include:

  • Require Cornell NYC Tech to be truly “sustainable” by supporting their own infrastructure;
  • Direct tax revenues from businesses on the Cornell NYC Tech campus to RIOC;
  • Require transportation improvements ahead of Cornell NYC Tech’s move-in day; and
  • Support local renewable energy through the Cornell NYC Tech “applied sciences” mandate.


April 22, 2013

City Council Candidate for Manhattan’s District 5 Ben Kallos Presents Additional Evidence for Investigation of the Public Safety Department in the Wake of Alleged January Attack

 Roosevelt Island, NY – City Council candidate Ben Kallos announced the submission of additional evidence to the Inspector General for a formal investigation with a requested resolution that includes future oversight by a resident-led review board, at a second march and demonstration on Roosevelt Island seeking to address allegations of misconduct by the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation’s Public Safety Department.