Sutton Area Community News Bulletin SAC’S 2015 Annual Membership Meeting by Flo Kelly

Sutton Area Community News Bulletin
SAC’S 2015 Annual Membership Meeting
Flo Kelly

The snow proved no deterrent to a nice turnout for members and guests at SAC’s Annual Membership Meeting on the evening of January 15th. Inviting refreshments and hot beverages awaited us in The Catholic High School’s roomy cafeteria, which was perfectly set up with chairs and a podium for the occasion.

Dieter Selig, SAC’s newly elected President, introduced SAC’s new officers: Kate McGrath Oliver, Executive Vice President; Faith Grossman, Vice President; Flo Kelly, Secretary; Martin Barrett, Treasurer; followed by invited guest speakers:

Ben Kallos, City Councilman 5th District. To increase representation, Mr. Kallos began by encouraging people who live in our area of his district to sign up for vacancies on CB6 Committees or in his office. He addressed various issues of concern, including bike infractions, the expansion of Citibikes and new bike paths and the Homeless. He stressed the importance of calling 311 to create a record of a complaint with as much detail as possible. If you are not satisfied that your complaint is being addressed, call him with the details, so his office can follow up with the appropriate City department. He is working on improving Internet service (especially for the lowincome population), visiting schools and obtaining new yellow/ green Taxi Apps to compete with Uber. He chairs the Governmental Operations Committee and works on fair elections, campaign finance reform, the Tax Commission and is trying to trim the number of City employees to rid it of patronage. He is available to meet with any group of 10 or more. His door is open.

Abby Sorman, Chair of SAC’s 17th Precinct and Public Safety Committee, introduced Deputy Inspector Clint McPherson of the NYPD 17th Precinct, who said crime was down 11% in 2014, and he hopes that trend will continue. He stressed educating the public as the way to prevent “irregular” crime by locking your doors, windows and cars, and covering an ATM with your hands when entering your numbers. He has issued flyers warning against con games, especially on the phone.

Abby then introduced Captain Stephen Marsar, Engine 8 Ladder 2 of the NYFD who announced that September 11, 2015, is his Fire Company’s Sesquicentennial (150th anniversary) and outlined planned activities in celebration. Abby and her committee will keep us informed of the public events associated with this celebration.

Dan Miner, Assistant District Manager CB6 also addressed issues of concern, particularly keeping our area clean by managing trash, especially during the 58th/59th Street water-main construction project. CB6 is working with key City agencies such as the Department of Transportation, Department of Sanitation and Department of Homeless Services, among others, to help resolve the issues.

President Seelig thanked Josselyne Herman-Saccio and SAC’s outgoing officers for their service to SAC, and outlined his plans to build on SAC’s past accomplishments over 40 years. He announced the meeting would continue as SAC’s monthly Board meeting but guests were free to stay or leave.

A huge thank you to all who participated and attended.

—Flo Kelly, Secretary