Petition to Sign the Bill to Give Back Health Benefits to NYC OTB Retirees

Please join the NYS AFL-CIO, New Roosevelt founder Bill Samuels and our campaign in calling on Governor Andrew Cuomo to sign legislation that passed both houses of the legislature that will provide retirees from New York City Off Track Betting (OTB) with the health benefits for which they spent a life time working. 

Share your support by signing this online petition for Governor Cuomo to sign the bill to give back health benefits to NYC OTB retirees.

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Thank You Mr Kallos for your support to OTB Retirees

Mr Kallos, we addresed you with the injustice that honest retirees from NYC Off Track Betting have endured and you have been nothing short of wonderful in helping us to expose our plight. From my family and the other retiree familes, I can't express enough graditude and thankfullness for your efforts.

Michael Mellon

Retired 12/2008

Worked NYCOTB for 36 years.