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What if a free and and open source (FOSS) developer ran for office, say City Council?  What kind of "openness" and "freedom" could they bring to government?  As the only FOSS developer, or tech entrepreneur for that matter, running for City Council, we are asking just that.  We've emerged as the "tech candidate" with recognition in the Epoch Times and are sharing our vision for the City at OpenNY Meetup: State of Civic Technology w/ 2013 Goals & #NYTMvotes and Wikipedia Day Lightning Talk on wiki.NYC.gov.

See video  See video
OpenNY Meetup: State of Civic Technology w/ 2013 Goals & #NYTMvotes NY Tech Meetup Platform for 2013 Wikipedia Day Lightning Talk on wiki.NYC.gov

As we strive to be "open" and "free," our campaign has always had an "open platform" where you can vote, comment, and suggest your own solutions.  The "open platform" solution to bringing openness and transparency to politics seems to have started to catch on.  Earlier this year, NY Tech Meetup, launched their own version, where many of our ideas have already been adopted and where we have posted more.  Please join the conversation on our open platform or on NY Tech Meetup. We pledge to adopt both.


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