Obama Seder Comes to the Upper East Side


This Passover, I felt it was important to take a moment during this hectic campaign season to reflect on the values that inspired this run for City Council. The deep import of a free society that underpins the Seder meal is also the foundation of my vision for the Upper East Side.

Recognizing this, Irene and I hosted a Seder for campaign staff from different faiths and backgrounds. Modeled on the Obama Seder, which began during a tough 2008 primary season, the Kallos Campaign Seder was a chance for us to come together over our shared sense of purpose – to create the best possible Upper East Side.

My Jewish heritage is important to me: I was educated and celebrated my Bar Mitzvah at the Rabbi Arthur Schneier Park East Day School and Synagogue right here on the Upper East Side. Jewish tradition teaches us so many lessons, and we were thrilled to get a chance to commemorate this special holiday.

This year, we also had a marror (horseradish) eating contest, which was won by Sushant. This was Sushant’s first Seder, and despite the tears, we think he enjoyed himself.

Reading the tale of the exodus from Egypt, I was reminded of the reason why I entered into public life: to fight for your wellbeing and your freedoms. And I am honored to be able to do that.

The Seder tradition will continue next year when I am in the City Council.

Good Government

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